I was invited by the renowned bedding brand Auping to create a new take on their first daybed from the fifties, the Cleopatra. 
The result? A "Day-dreaming-bed", all made of paper leaves and flowers, as an invitation to slow down, to let ourselves go, in other words: to daydream. Made out of sustainable papers and recycled papers, the piece evokes daydreaming with Auping as a nature growing and blooming directly on the surface of the bed. 

Suggesting an escape to nature from the inside of a room, with a sensation of serenity, well-being and surprise.

Sep Verboom, Designer of the Year 2020, was invited by Auping to create his own take as well, which resulted in a beautiful and dreamy installation made of rattan. Both of our installations are visible at the event Please Have a Seat, from October 15 to November 14, 2021.

All pictures © SPOT-ON vof

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